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Integrative Imaging

Small world. Big ideas.

Who we are


Integrative Imaging (I ) is a new, ambitious and multipronged platform. We aim to integrate Janelia’s robust and wide-ranging efforts in developing microscopy instrumentation, probes, image analysis and visualization into a seamless workflow.  It is based on the successful model of the Advanced Imaging Center (AIC). I  provides Janelia scientists and collaborators access to cutting-edge pre-commercial microscopes, as well as commercial systems. More importantly, I  scientists will create highly integrated collaborations to design and implement complex, longer-term microscopy projects. This will augment our internal Light Microscopy Shared Resource (LMSR) that provides microscope training, fee-for-service access to microscopes, and technical assistance.


As the nexus and extension of the AIC and LMSR, I  will co-innovate with Janelia scientists to:

  • Provide detailed technical consultations and experimental design

  • Develop novel biological sample preparations and imaging methodologies

  • Implement novel imaging workflows

  • Offer in-depth image processing and analysis capabilities and guidance.

Access is through peer-reviewed proposals.




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