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Integrative Imaging

Small world. Big ideas.

Collaborate With Us

Projects are selected on a peer-reviewed basis. Contact us for a Technical Consultation.

Experimental Design

The Integrative Imaging  team will work with you to design and execute a multidisciplinary, microscopy-centered experimental plan.

Sample Preparation

Many imaging systems available at Janelia require unconventional sample preparation. Further, your project may require novel specimen mounting or conditions. We will work with you and other teams to develop solutions.

Method Development

We will strategically collaborate with tool developers and shared resources at Janelia to build new methodology around your scientific questions. 

Image Acquisition

Our applications scientists will work with your team and our data analysts to optimize acquisition conditions. This includes iterative modifications to ensure sample health, fluorophore stability, and, most importantly, that the images being produced are of appropriate quality for the proposed analysis. 

Data Analysis and Interpretation

Beginning with the first datasets, our Data Scientists will provide invaluable feedback on image quality. Once acquisition parameters are set, the analysts will work with you to develop a processing and analysis pipeline.

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